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David’s childhood was exceptionally humble. Born in Leicester General Hospital in 1952, he grew up as the middle son of three boys born seven years apart.

The family lived in a terraced house in an extremely working class neighbourhood, which would be demolished in the mid-50s as part of the city’s slum clearance.

“To say we were skint,” David says, “is like saying it is a little chilly at the North Pole.”

When the councilman would come knocking to collect rent, the family would pretend not to be home. David had to hide under a chair so as not to be spotted through the window. He still gets a fright when somebody knocks at the door.

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David first shot to prominence in the United Kingdom as a professional footballer, playing in goal for Hereford United in the early 1970s. When a long-suffering rheumatoid arthritis condition forced his early retirement from the game at the age of 21, David’s journey through media began. Stints as a reporter in local newspaper and radio paved the way for a move into TV broadcasting, where he presented popular BBC shows Today’s Sport, Breakfast Time and Grandstand throughout the 1980s.

In a bid to alleviate his arthritis, David began experimenting with alternative therapies, which opened him up to New Age philosophies. This shift in thinking stimulated an interest in green politics, prompting David to join The Green Party, where he was appointed National Spokesperson within 6 months. 

In August of 1990, David’s contract with the BBC was terminated when he initially refused to pay the UK ‘poll tax’, a local levy introduced by Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government. He eventually paid, but his claim that he would ‘rather go to prison than pay it’ prompted the BBC to distance themselves from him. 


This period also saw David’s spiritual awakening begin to unfold. After a series of ‘other-worldly’ feelings, he was in a newsagents and felt a force pulling him towards a book called Mind To Mind by a psychic called Betty Shine. David wrote to her for consultation on his arthritis. On his third meeting with Betty it was revealed to him, through spirit, that he had been sent to help heal the Earth and would become famous, but face opposition. 

David’s short-lived political foray came to an end shortly afterwards in 1991 when he announced resignation from the Green Party, stating he was about to be at the centre of “tremendous and increasing controversy”. What a foresight that turned out to be.

One week later, following the death of his father, David held a press conference to announce that he was the Son of a Godhead.

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The following year, David made what would become a life-changing appearance on Terry Wogan’s prime time BBC chat show. While the televised grilling prompted mass ridicule, it set David free of the concern of ridicule and gave him the courage to develop ideas without caring what other people thought.

In the decades since, David has written over 20 books exposing countless global conspiracies and spoken to millions of people across the globe.


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Prepare to flip your perceptions, open your mind and further your awakening. 


So you can finally become aware of your true nature, see more clearly and find out what life really is about.

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