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From pauper to author, keeper to speaker, Wogan to showman.

David Icke’s life journey has been sometimes unexpected, often unparalleled and always unconventional.

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The attempt to place restrictions on David is a floored plan that flies in the face of plane common sense.

The matter - which violates Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Article 7 of the Dutch Constitution - can be debated in Holland's parliament, though. 

So the legal case, at least, is still up in the air.

We've started a petition to reverse this shocking regulation, and need your help to get to 40,000 signatures - the number required for the matter to be officially discussed by politicians.

You can help release our Ground Hero by joining the freedom movement (for freedom of movement).

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The Trap – The Brand New Book By David Icke – Out Now

The Trap is the ‘Rosetta Stone’ of illusory reality and opens the door to freedom in its greatest sense.



In October 2022 David received a 2-year ban from 26 European countries, after being deemed to “pose a threat to public order”.

Dutch authorities denied his entry prior to a speaking engagement at a peace rally in Amsterdam. This means he was essentially banned for what he might say, which is unlawful. 

David has labelled this an “extraordinary, over-the-top, fascist response” - a sentiment that has been amplified by far-right Dutch politicians.

Dutch Justice Minister Dilan Yeṣilgöz-Zegerius told reporters on Friday that the fundamental rights to freedom of speech and the right to protest were “not limitless”.

Law enforcement forces claimed the nonviolent gathering - which some establishment institutions labelled a ‘dangerous protest’ - would draw far-left counter-demonstrations and lead to public unrest.

A letter from Dutch immigration services - posted on - states that his presence, as someone who had made “antisemitic and offensive statements in the past,” could lead to unrest in the country at “a time when violence and threats against public figures are growing” even referencing “a call for gun violence” against him.

It’s not the first time David has been barred from crossing borders. In 2019, his Australian visa was revoked, blocking entry ahead of a speaking tour Down Under.

When it comes to modern-day censorship, it seems the sky really is the limit.

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So, David Icke poses a ‘level three terrorist’ threat. Well, according to Dutch authorities.

But what does that mean?

A terrorist is defined as ‘someone who uses violent action, or threats of violent action, for political purposes’.

When has David threatened violent action? Never. In fact he vociferously promotes unity consciousness and asserts that LOVE is the answer!



In November 2020, David was permanently banned from Twitter due to ‘coronavirus misinformation’ after violating the network’s rules regarding COVID. Six months prior, he was abolished from Facebook and YouTube for the same reasons. These exclusions were backed by CCDH - the Centre for Countering Digital Hate.

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Watch author and speaker David Icke's entire back catalogue. From interviews to series to never-before-released live events.

Prepare to flip your perceptions, open your mind and further your awakening. 


So you can finally become aware of your true nature, see more clearly and find out what life really is about.

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